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We’ve all had them, heck, you might have even been one!  When going through a recruitment process we always advise clients to ensure they are comfortable with the employer, you need to be happy in the environment you are going to work in – no doubt about it!  There aren’t actually that many horrible bosses out there in our opinion, but, there are a lot of relationships and organisational ‘fit’ issues that do come about.  Seek recently released questions to ask to ensure you don’t have a horrible boss experience!

Five questions to ask potential bosses:

  1. What are some characteristics of current employees who shine in this organisation?
    This is a great way to test whether your values match those of ‘successful’ employees
  2. Help me understand what’s important in this role aside from skills and experience
    Listen to see if your potential boss highlights particular characteristics, beliefs or ideals. Do they fit yours?
  3. What methods of communication work best for you? How do you like to give feedback?
    Ask this to gauge whether your potential manager is thoughtful and careful in the way they communicate and deliver feedback.
  4. Can you give me some examples of times when you have supported the career growth of your employees?
    It’s important that career progression is supported and encouraged. Ask this question to see if learning and development among employees is fostered.
  5. How would your employees describe your leadership style?
    Ask this to gauge self-awareness. Does it sound realistic when they answer this question? Do they mention any shortcomings they are trying to address?

Good luck out there.