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Career Planning & Counselling for Students

Career counselling, what is it?

It is a process that helps you understand yourself in regards to the world of work and where you do, or might fit within it. It aims to assist you in making life decisions around education, training and career progression.

There is often a negative connotation around the word ‘counselling’, which assumes you have some sort of problem. Dispel this myth, it’s not the case. But, just like you take your car to the mechanic to get fixed, a career practitioner is someone who is an expert and will help you get in line with your career.

At Goal Digger, we personalise your programme according to your situation, we ensure we understand what you want to get out of working with us. Programmes normally involve two face-to-face sessions; some career, character, and or skills based assessment; plus phone and email support.

“Thank you Goal Digger for the opportunity today.  Ella really enjoyed her day with you and came away feeling really excited about her future.  We can both recommend your amazing programme as she’s just buzzing about what you’ve enlightened her on today.” – Sheryl, Rotorua

Let’s get started

Whether you have some idea of where you are heading, or none at all, we can help!

Why career counselling is so important

It is advisable for students to enlist the help of a career practitioner to avoid making costly mistakes on your career journey.  We make your career path choices easier:

  • Developing a personal action plan to kick-start your career, inclusive of diploma or degree planning
  • Analyse your career path options and school subject choices
  • Identify your career values and skills
  • Understand how your personality type influences your work
  • Identify your preferred ways of learning and learning strengths
  • Teach you how to be more employable

For more information about our Career Counselling services, contact us or fill out our online registration form.

Tailored Student Counselling

Students that will benefit from career planning and counselling usually fit within two groups; Secondary and Tertiary Students as these two groups have very specific counselling needs.

Secondary Students

Secondary students needing to make decisions around what subjects to take at school. Some have an idea of what they want to do “when they grow up”; some have no idea at all. It is important to ensure that your subject selection leads you into the pre-requisite requirements of any tertiary level study you may be considering.

Tertiary Students

Tertiary students and graduates are often pulled in different directions when they commence study. You don’t know what you don’t know until you start experiencing different papers or subjects within your study. It can be confusing and you may need clarity before specialising (or majoring) in your degree. At times, new graduates take a little time to find their feet establishing their career.

For more information about our Career Counselling services, contact us or fill out our online registration form.

“Sarah came home with so much more knowledge and options for the future. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Goal Digger to peers!.” – Kelly, Rotorua

“Thank you for the workshop on Thursday. My daughter learned a lot of valuable information that she hasn’t considered before, especially around personality. She has done a lot of work since the workshop as you suggested and it is great not to have to prompt her!” – Dana, Rotorua

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We are a business that often works off-site with our clients. We advise making a booking in advance.

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