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Changing Careers

The definition of career is in the eye of the beholder, but what we do know is that our working life evolves over time and often changes as our personal lives do. Feeling uneasy about our working lives can be really detrimental to our wellbeing.

Maybe you have:

  • Had an injury and cant return to the sort of work you used to;
  • Had children and your previous role no longer suits your circumstances;
  • Moved to a new town or city;
  • Been made redundant, or;
  • Are bored and need a new challenge.

By seeking the help of a career practitioner when changing careers, you can re-evaluate your circumstances, get clarity around your own personal traits, abilities and transferable skills to identify new career options you may not have considered before.

“Tammy-Lee has a no fuss, no nonsense way of helping a person to identify both their short and long-term goals, and translates those into concise educational and career training objectives.

I received practical advice and clear signposts based on the choices I made. Even when I departed from my original objectives, Tammy-Lee was not fazed at all; she simply ‘changed tack’ to incorporate my new goal and supported me throughout my 5 year journey.

I have now graduated with an LLB (in my forties) and couldn’t be happier about my new career and profession. Thanks Tammy-Lee!” – Katrina

Job Search Toolbox

Once you are ready to hit the job market, ensure you are best prepared to market yourself to potential employers.  You get one shot to make the best first impression.

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