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Jonathan Cheung studied BA Fashion at Kingston University and graduated in 1989. He now works in California and is Head of Design at Levi Strauss & Co. On our recent trip to the US, we asked him for his tips and advice he would give students or fellow alumni who were looking to work abroad and start an international career. 

His tips are standout for anyone looking to progress their career and or work internationally.  At Goal Digger, we talk about the comfort zone and stretch as part of your developmental personality and transferrable skills.  What we love most is his simple, yet compelling sketch below!

What three steps should students and alumni take to make it more possible for them to have an international career? 

  1. Always be curious.
  2. Look for the steepest learning curves and know they will be uncomfortable but that is where you will progress the most.
  3. Find something you love and are passionate about, therefore, putting in a 14 hour day is not hard.

Here, Jonathan illustrates to the Kingston University Alumni Association (2017) what the path to success should look like:

CREDIT: Kingston University Alumni Association