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We work with everyone, regardless of vaccination status. 

The way we interact may be a little different.

The wellbeing of our people, and those who visit our offices, is our number one priority.
We are considered a close contact business due to the size of our offices and the nature of our interactions.
We want to do everything we can to keep each other safe and stop Covid-19 from spreading.

To help us minimise the risk of Covid-19 being transmitted we require anyone working in or visiting Goal Digger HQ to wear a mask, maintain good hygiene practices and limit the duration of meetings where possible.

This policy will come into effect on 4 April 2022.

If you’re visiting our premises, or attending an event that we’re hosting, you will not be asked for proof of vaccination unless the venue requires it.

If you prefer, there is always the option to meet virtually.  When there are local outbreaks in our community.

Thank you for your support and understanding with our policy, which we will continue to review to make sure that it stays relevant as New Zealand’s Covid-19 situation evolves.


Do I require a Vaccine Passport to attend your offices?

No, you do not need to provide a Vaccine Passport. We are happy to view it if you would like to see it.

What is the vaccine status of Goal Digger workers?

All of our Team are fully vaccinated. 

What do I need to know about visiting HQ?

You will need to wear a mask. Sanitiser is also provided.

What other measures are you taking to minimise the risk from Covid-19?

We are observing appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures in our offices, including not shaking hands or engaging in any greetings that involve physical contact. Hand sanitiser, face masks and antiseptic wipes are available at reception and our meeting rooms. We also ask that anyone who feels unwell, has cold or flu-like symptoms; been asked to self-isolate; or is awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test to stay home.

How to Prepare to Come to our Offices

We love human interaction as much as you do.  If we do have the privilege of meeting with you, here’s what you need to do to be prepared:

  • Make sure you are completely well
  • Have your mask on before you come in
  • Sanitise when you come in and head to where you are directed, usually the meeting room

Got Questions?

We know trying to run business as usual is tricky and the changes we have had to make are a pain, but necessary. We want to ensure we are available for everyone, so please, if you have any questions or you want to arrange meeting with us in other ways, we are here to help.

07 393 2424

1136 Fenton Street
Rotorua 3010

Mon: 9am-3pm
Tue: 9am-3pm
Wed: 9am-5pm
Thu: 9am-3pm
Fri: 9am-3pm

We are a business that often works off-site with our clients. We advise making a booking in advance.

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