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Restructure & Redundancy

What is Restructure and Redundancy?

 Restructure occurs when business needs change, sometimes its due to a business underperforming, the sale of a business or a change in technology.

Restructure and redundancy can be a heartbreaking process for people involved. It needs to be handled well, we’ve seen tears, hurt and anger from all angles. It’s tough.

As an employer, you need to refer to your employment agreements to be sure of your obligations when it comes to restructure and redundancy and your employees. The scale of the restructure will determine how you consult with your staff and just how public that information needs to be. It is important in any case, to have a good written proposal to help staff make sense of the reasons why you need to restructure and what it will mean for them.

Restructures not only impact the individual employee, but their whole livelihood. Take care to manage the process right.  The first step is to talk to Goal Digger.

Key fundamentals to consider when thinking about restructuring

  • What does the reorganised Company look like?
  • Who is going to be affected?
  • What roles will be redundant, what roles will be saved or changed?
  • How will you consult with employees?
  • What will your timeline for consultation look like?

Want to know more?

Talk to us today and let us help you to manage the process correctly from the outset.

When a restructure isn’t a legitimate restructure

We hear it all the time, “it’s ok, we can restructure them out”. A restructure should be genuine in purpose and not used as a tool to exit employees that are not fulfilling your requirements in one way or another. This puts you in a compromised position as an employer and you should perhaps be reverting to performance management or policies and procedures in the first instance.

You must consult with your employees and consider their feedback. If you need advice or assistance to manage this process, we are available to help you and your business.

You need a guide

Restructuring a business is uncharted territory for most.  It’s a good idea to have someone independent and knowledgeable to help with the navigation.

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