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It’s always important to maintain, as best as possible, a positive relationship with an outgoing employee. Sometimes an employee leaves as they are no longer capable of a role (maybe there have been changes in technology, or age, or medical conditions that don’t allow for the employee to carry on). Other times they are leaving by mutual agreement or they have been displaced through a restructure. Whatever the reason, offering some support from outside of the Company to manage that transition is what you need!

At Goal Digger, we offer outplacement support for employers through EAP and other employee assistance programmes.  We can tailor a programme to your business needs or to an individual.

We can help with:

  • Career coaching, how do they get from where they are now to where they want to be? How do they identify what to do next?
  • Interview coaching and job application support
  • Job search tips and support
  • CV and cover letter writing – send them out with the right tools to help them succeed somewhere else.

This support is often provided one to one but can be facilitated as a group if you have an outgoing group of employees.

Providing support for an employee when you know they are feeling like they want to move on to another role or have no idea what direction they want to take in their future within your organisation can be beneficial. It can help realign your employee to feel back on track in their current capacity or can provide them the support or guidance they need to make a move with professional development.

Tammy-Lee Holmes is a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand.

If you think you have employees who could benefit from some outplacement support, talk to us today. We tailor our programme to individual needs.

Why outplacement support?

  • For your outgoing employees, they feel they are valued and supported
  • It helps remaining staff feel more positive about the change
  • An expression of good-will and a reduced likelihood of grievance action
  • It helps the employee feel they have someone else to talk to, that’s impartial to their situation.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Goal Digger and we’ll help keep both parties happy about the changes.

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We are a business that often works off-site with our clients. We advise making a booking in advance.

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