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Sometimes, life in a small business that is trying to make a big difference seems near impossible at times.  How do we make it work?  Sheer determination, that’s how.

Today started out like any other day in the life of Goal Digger.  6:30am – 8:45am is time to get the house in order and kids off to various destinations and to start fielding those calls as businesses start work for the day.  Being organised is absolutely key.  The night before bags are packed, lunches are made, meetings are organised and an agenda for the day is set for action.  So here’s how our typical day went today.

Tammy-Lee, me, well, I am off out of town to one of our clients to do progression planning and some strategic analysis.  Some important meetings to attend to and people to see (a visit via Baked – shout out to Baked, we tried your doughnuts for the first time, wow).  A trip back to Rotorua through our gorgeous countryside, emails to deal with, a contract to proof, calls to respond to and a workshop to prepare for.  A meeting follows the work day, then home to see the kids before they go to sleep… then back to the office to finish preparation for the next day, a contract and a cover letter. No worries!

Cathe, well she is off to Te Puke to interview for a client to gather information for a Job Description, followed by writing Contractor Agreements in the afternoon.  I might add, a few phone calls here and there to calm me down and feel like I am under control here and there. I am under control. Definitely.

Then there are the unsung heroes that don’t work in our office but do amazing things whenever we need without question.  Our fabulous printers (shout out to Ziangi Design and Print) who will do literally anything to help out at the last minute, through to Kylee our proofing and collation magician and to Nadia who is the voice of reason, the tax lover and who just ‘loves’ sorting our accounts all the way from Palmerston North.

It is hectic, but it is fun and the thing to remember for anyone who is thinking about going into business.  You do have to wear a lot of hats, you do have to rely on your village and if you have kids – you have to have a great support network (thanks to our amazing family and teachers)!  Love what you do and it won’t feel like a chore (except for the account stuff, thanks Nadia).

A big thanks to the people who help Goal Digger tick, couldn’t do it without you.  I am very humbled to have people that believe in what we do.

Keep hustling.

Kylee prepares what she can only describe as “memory” for tomorrows workshop.