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Know the rules. Some key employment law changes

Most of our clients work are private enterprises and don't work in a unionised environment, if you do, you need to check out additional information in relation to changes where there is a collective agreement available to employees.  For now, here are the key changes...

Top questions to ask to avoid a “horrible boss” experience

We've all had them, heck, you might have even been one!  When going through a recruitment process we always advise clients to ensure they are comfortable with the employer, you need to be happy in the environment you are going to work in - no doubt about it!  There...

Young People and Bullying, it’s Rife!

Bullying is often a topic of conversation with our clients at Goal Digger, both those who are in school and those who are involved in the workplace.  In this piece we will be referring to younger people, but in essence it is all the same.| First let't talk about what...

Exam prep, exam stress, exam success!

At Goal Digger, we are used to working with students who are facing exams both at tertiary and secondary level.  It's stressful, it's unavoidable and people are often floundering not knowing how to prepare or carry out the exam.  Let us give you some pointers. First...

Interview Killers!

The 10 Biggest Interview Killers Thanks to Jo Turner at JobDig for summing up the biggest interview killers for us!  Take a read if you are in the market. You've worked hard to win the interview. Don't spoil all your work to this point and let yourself...

Careers by Personality Type

Once you have explored your personality type, it's a great place to start investigating career ideas by personality type. Heres a great link to check out your options. Suggested Careers by Personality Type  

The minimum wage has increased, are you sorted?

New minimum wage entitlements have come into effect. As an employer, please ensure that you have adjusted your payroll suite and notified staff on the minumum wage of the pay increase to occur on the next pay cycle.  New minimum wage requirements are as of...

A day in the life of Goal Digger. Let’s be humble!

Sometimes, life in a small business that is trying to make a big difference seems near impossible at times.  How do we make it work?  Sheer determination, that's how. Today started out like any other day in the life of Goal Digger.  6:30am - 8:45am is time to get the...

Communication and Employment Relationship Issues

Difficult conversations, we all want to avoid them.  But what if we could avoid them altogether? One of the key issues we face when dealing with small to medium sized businesses (and larger organisations), are difficult conversations and employee-employer...

NCEA Results Day Blues

Everyone waits with anticipation as the NCEA results are released each January.  It is an anxious time of year for parents, teachers, universities and careers practitioners! So, what happens when things don't go to plan and you haven't met the requirements for your...

Anxiety in our Young People… it’s real

We are not trained in mental health, however we have a lot of experience with young people and the issues they are facing.  Anxiety and depression is rife, we encourage you to know the signs and know how to find help.   A great place to start is with your GP and if...

How to Showcase your Employability Skills

From a career counselling point of view and from an HR perspective, we at Goal Digger know that showcasing your skills is quite possibly the best skill one can have!  Without the ability to do this, you aren't marketing yourself to your full potential. For anyone...

Getting stuck in the negative: And how to get out of it

Is your glass half full, or glass half empty? It is all about perception and that perception shapes the way we think, act and feel all day long.  In our practice, we see an overwhelming number of average and extremely high achievers suffering from depression and...

Scholarships: Let’s get Goal Digging some Money!

At Goal Digger, we push for all of our Goal Diggers to put themselves out there and strive to achieve scholarships. It is hard to know where to start, so we’re trying to give you as much information as possible to get you started. Let’s dispel the myths of...

Why your CV is hitting the bin, not the jackpot!

It's dog eat dog out there in such a competitive marketplace for the top jobs, or any job!  If you are constantly getting the "Dear John" letter, maybe you aren't portraying yourself right?  Here's our take on why your CV is hitting the bin, not the jackpot. You are...

90 Day Trial Periods – know your stuff?

Here at Goal Digger, we like to look out for everyone and this month we want to school you up on 90 Day Trials.  Have a quick read if you are either looking for a job, or looking to employ. Whilst it is favourable for an Employer and an Employee to agree upon a 90 day...

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